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Behavioural Profiling, handwriting analysis, corporate away-days, document examining, training, stress, wellbeing, self development

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Hand writing slant
Christina Strang is a behavioural profiler to many organisations and individuals; alongside document examining, training, and mentoring services.

Areas of expertise:
Life Coach
Talks and seminars on Personal Development
Teaching Handwriting Analysis
Counselling Skills
Recruitment Assistance for SME’s
One to One Evaluations
Clinical Graphology
“Quickie” analysis for events – exhibitions, conferences, career days

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One of our soap opera actors died yesterday. He was in a series for many years that has been going since the 1980's - Eastenders. I managed to meet him at a theatre in 2005 and requested his autograph. What do you think of it? Comments please. ... See MoreSee Less

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A plea for participants for this
study (https://t.co/gK4G6FK5Nj). You determine the type of slant that describes yr writing. You then answer questions re relationship. I am particularly looking for more left and mixed slant handwriters. Thank you

Great for writing that journal you have been meaning to start.......

Thanks to @YESGroup #Bristol for their support yesterday evening

Tomorrow's the day for my talk at Yes Group Bristol along with Rich Waterman. Looking forward to it. Now what I am going to talk about?
https://t.co/bAncmZLtDj #Bristol #Selfdevelopment

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Christina Strang offers behaviuoral profiling and  training service to therapists, individuals and  businesses. Using graphology as a selection procedure for potential staff small professional companies and large corporate HR departments are able to gain useful insights for personnel evaluations, behavioural profiling and character analysis.


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Attachment in the workplace: do you understand how it works?

“Children are born with a range of innate behaviours to maximise their survival. Among these is attachment behaviour, which allows the child to draw their primary caregivers towards them at moments of need or distress.” Attachment difficulties include insecure...

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Emotional Intelligence (EI) & Graphology

What is EI? There are many words linked to EI including empathy, emotions, motivation, relationships, social skills, communication and well-being among many others.  On the obverse side, a low emotional quotient can be associated with stress, anger, and moodiness in...

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I was very sad to hear of the cancellation of so many operations and problems that occurred as a result of the cyber-attack on the NHS. Backup systems are a necessity to keep records so that business can continue seamlessly if such an attack happens. However, it was...

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The Psychology of Handwriting – a Global View

How Graphology has become an accepted tool throughout the world The psychology of handwriting or graphology, as it is known, is both a Science and an Art and is now in widespread use in many countries throughout the world. Learning to write is extremely important for...

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