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About Me

My early years were spent in the Thames Valley, educated at a Grammar School and then Technical College. In the 1970’s I married and moved to Wiltshire, where I have lived off and on ever since, with a few gap years travelling around, living in Staffordshire, South Wales, and Gloucestershire

I have been involved in the business world for 40 years, ranging from advertising and media, employment, automotive to service industries including the successful development and running of a national exhibition business for 15 years bringing me into contact with senior directors, management and workforce personnel. I have also managed a hotel in the Cotswolds and set up and run 6 separate businesses.

Handwriting analysis caught my attention when I was only 18, but it took me many years before I was able to find anyone suitable to train me on a personal basis. My interest in it was re-kindled in the 1990’s; and since completing my training, I have gone on to teach the subject at Adult Education Colleges and Lifelong Learning Centres in the South of England. I believe that the subject is mainly common sense and most people can learn it given the right opportunities.

I have featured on BBC Local Radio, BBC TV Points West and BBC TV South Today, and have had a number of features written about me in the international, national and local media. I have also written articles for magazines about the many uses of graphology. I set up a research project with full Ethics approval, based at Poole Hospital studying Handwriting in the Early Detection of Dis-ease, specialising in Cardiac disease, this was disseminated as a research paper in Melbourne, Australia, at a scientific conference, and was featured on ABC in Australia, Vietnam and on Yahoo India and in Der Spiegel in Germany.  The current projects are research studies into pre-eclampsia (currently at ethics stage) and diabetes using handwriting analysis as a diagnostic tool.

Over the years, I have been a journalist, conducted all PR and marketing for the businesses, salesperson, mentor to a number of people, recruitment advisor, and hands-on organiser.  My business experience is wide and in-depth on a number of subjects.