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What is Hand-writing analysis?

Handwriting analysis (graphology) is an insightful and powerful tool widely used and respected on the Continent, in the Middle East and the Americas to highlight character and personality traits. In tracking the moods and emotions of a person a good graphologist can assess the personality changes that happen throughout life. No two personalities are ever the same as we are the product of the interaction of our heredity and our environment neither of which we chose. How we react today is determined by actions in the past and how we perceive those events today in terms of our past experiences, and it is because of this that no two writings are the same even from others that learnt to write alongside us.

The brain controls all aspects of us including the physical, the psychological and the pathological; all of which are interlinked.


Any change of emotion or circumstance will naturally change the writing, but as soon as equilibrium is restored, the natural rhythm and flow of writing will continue.Handwriting Analysis is based on how the brain controls all aspects of a person, through the central nervous system; it depends upon certain parts of the cerebral cortex from which the motor impulses for the pen’s movement originate. Will drives the hand, but the emotion and feelings which we are experiencing at the time is also expressed, and therefore our handwriting is an expression of both will and emotion, or more precisely, an expression of drives, feelings and emotions. However, you will often hear people say that their writing changes regularly and of course it does – “……. The evenly swinging, flowing or striding pace of calm state of mind leads to an undisturbed distribution of the graphic masses; a whirling, surging, shaking excitable impulsiveness simply does not allow a harmonious handling of the graphic field.” (Pulver)

Handwriting is therefore “a system of expressive movements of particular psychological value” in that a person will focus on what he is writing rather than on how he is writing. (Sonneman)

In the Collins English Dictionary the word Character is defined as:-
“The combination of traits and qualities distinguishing the individual nature of a person or thing”.

Personality is defined as:-
“The sum total of all the behavioral and mental characteristics by means of which an individual is recognized as being unique.”