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Christina Strang is a behavioural profiler to many organisations and individuals; alongside document examining, training, and mentoring services.

Areas of expertise:
Life Coach
Talks and seminars on Personal Development
Teaching Handwriting Analysis
Counselling Skills
Recruitment Assistance for SME’s
One to One Evaluations
Clinical Graphology
“Quickie” analysis for events – exhibitions, conferences, career days

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Help please with a #questionnaire on #relationships for a #research project. It takes 10-15 mins https://t.co/8KVSG3GMTo Specifically needing left and mixed slant writers. Details in study. Please share with your followers when you have completed the questionnaire. Thank you😀🤔

Here’s our list of 500 Rx drugs that can cause depression, akathisia/agitation or suicidal impulses. Plus some tips on how to spot the risks. https://t.co/60X95znTc6

This is really about integrity isn't it?! Being true to yourself

Good news. Anyone promoting #handwriting is great. I have also been interviewed in the past by @AnnaKing @BBCGlos

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Christina Strang offers behaviuoral profiling and  training service to therapists, individuals and  businesses. Using graphology as a selection procedure for potential staff small professional companies and large corporate HR departments are able to gain useful insights for personnel evaluations, behavioural profiling and character analysis.


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Handwriting or Keyboards?

Should we be using keyboards or still learning to handwrite? When I was approached by BBC Radio 5 Live to do an interview based on the story that Finland will stop teaching handwriting in 2016 and replace with keyboarding skills, I was horrified that this is what they...

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Character & Personality Report

CASE REPORT - 14002 INTRODUCTION 2 samples of writing from the same author, some notes were made on the original sample handwriting however the sample used for this report was written in blue on 2-sides of a pink A5 sized card and headed Dear Chris. The author is...

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Doggie Tails

DOGGIE TAILS  The other week a friend asked if she could stay with me for a few days so that she could go to a conference close by however she also wanted to bring her 2 dogs with her and would I look after them whilst she was at the conference. I was delighted I love...

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Have you shaken your tail feathers recently?

For Informed Insights behind the written word chrisstrangwebsitemove.dev Have you noticed how the pigeons are behaving at present? I have been highly amused watching a pair of pigeons who sit on the fence in my back garden most of the time, they are real time wasters....

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Assessment Of Potential Applicants

Do you use profiling to aid with your recruitment and team building processes?  If not, why not?   There are many methods used to determine personality; profiling being one of them.  Profiling and psychometric testing became big business in the western world in the...

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Handwriting in the Early Detection of Dis-ease

"Every disease causes a disturbance in the functions of the systems and distortion of their basic rhythm. This is how such disturbances become apparent in handwriting, not only after the disease has set in but already in the intermediate state prior to its...

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