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Christina Strang is a handwriting analyst (graphologist) offering a personality profiling and/or a training service to therapists, individuals and  businesses. Using graphology as a selection procedure for potential staff small professional companies and large corporate HR departments are able to gain useful insights for personnel evaluations, behavioural profiling and character analysis.

Other consultancy services offered:-

  1. Clinical graphology
  2. Recruitment process for small companies
  3. Interviewing
  4. Counselling skills
  5. Graphology training
  6. Document examining
  7. Marketing and PR
  8. Life Coaching and Personal Development

Personal Development

As a graphologist, I help people in different ways but mainly through personal development in looking at areas of their life which may be holding them back or causing them stress. We are, after all, a result of our learned experiences which encompasses the environment we grew up in and all that that entails. Early experiences in life can affect how we relate to others, communicate and make decisions – all of this then has a bearing on business, social and home lives.

1. For people in the business world, understanding your own drives and motivations, and reactions to situations and staff demands can be a real learning curve.

2. For individuals realising your set responses to circumstances is as a reaction to earlier similar experiences can be life changing.

These behaviours could be identified in your handwriting.


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Type of Training

As part of an on-going service to businesses, we are pleased to offer workshops to train your staff in the basics of graphology covering areas where you are potentially vulnerable ie recruitment and forged documentation.

Training can be split into a number of workshops over a period of days, weeks or months.

Trainees need to have a good understanding of the English language.

1. Graphology

2. Basic Document Examination for signature verification, forgery, fraud

3. Clinical Graphology


1.  Through handwriting analysis training, Managers or HR staff will be able to deal with a whole range of personnel issues enabling them to deal effectively with staff responsibilities including:-

Recruitment / Personnel Selection

Maximising Staff Training

Personality Profiling

Job Responsibilities

Workforce Management

Interpersonal skills


2.  Basic Document Examination

Discrimination between genuine and forged signatures

Signature verification

Identification of counterfeit documentation

How to recognise forged documents

Forensics of graphology

Credit and mortgage fraud

Training can be carried out either on-site, or at suitable training premises.  In-house staff can be trained to provide you with a level of security and knowledge that will help minimize your risks.

In the first instance contact Christina Strang; she will be delighted to see you on a free initial consultation to discuss your potential requirements. The programme can be organized to fit in with all your other HR demands.

3. Clinical Graphology – especially for Therapists and people interested in health and wellbeing

Basic understanding of handwriting movements

Harmony in the written stroke

Rhythm and regularity

Current research

Discussion on various samples of handwriting

Traits in writing

Health And Wellbeing

Clinical graphology uses handwriting to identify if your past, from birth through the present day, could have had an effect on your health and emotional well-being.  This potentially allows for identification of dysfunction at a very early stage, often before the physical symptoms manifest.  The way in which you write, the tension in the script as well as the formation of letters all give clues to the state of mind at the time of writing.

The mind-body connection is only just becoming accepted in Western Medicine, yet the interaction of emotions and the physical body has long been understood in Eastern medicine.  Negative emotions cause a chain of chemical reactions which in turn inter-react within the somatic system – fine motor control aka handwriting, links in all parts of the brain including the limbic system (seat of emotions) and the hippocampus (memory residence) hence all thoughts, emotions and subconscious material can be portrayed in a sample of writing.  Our genes and environment all link into our behaviour which can set the trend towards potential ill-health when other triggers are played out.   Thus the potential for dys-function can be seen in the handwriting long before any ill health manifests.

Research using handwriting as a diagnostic tool has been carried out for many years – Medical Doctors on a worldwide basis now recognise a particular style of writing as signifying the possibility of neurological conditions.  It is also widely accepted that prescription medication and other recreational drug use has an impact on handwriting.

If you are seeking help on understanding emotional blockages or baggage then do please contact me.  Please note I am not a medical doctor and am not able to diagnose any conditions.

For Business

Areas of expertise:

Graphology Reports based on:-

  1. One to One Evaluations
  2. Appraisals
  3. Absence Management
  4. Team Profiling
  5. Selection of candidates for recruitment
  6. Signature verification