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How Graphology has become an accepted tool throughout the world

The psychology of handwriting or graphology, as it is known, is both a Science and an Art and is now in widespread use in many countries throughout the world.

Learning to write is extremely important for developing fine motor skills, without those skills you will have difficulty tapping a nail into a block of wood, drawing a straight line or even penning a signature on a legal document.

In the workplace, graphology is an excellent method of identifying suitable candidates for recruitment, promotion and also for enabling successful team building.

In the personal development field graphology is a brilliant tool for understanding a person’s psyche, motivations, skills and capabilities as well as their communication abilities and relationships.

In the medical world, handwriting as a diagnostic tool is a marker for a number of disorders of the nervous system such as Parkinson’s disease. Early onset diagnosis can help with progression and choice of therapy for the disease.